• Brielle's First Few Days

    Two days after I documented Brielle's amazing birth story I had the oppurtunity to join them and capture her first few days as well. It didn't seem like work at all for me as I followed them around their home capturing loving moments with her siblings and parents. Playing in the play room, reading , and baking cookies was just a picture perfect morning for this new family of five and I'm so happy they have this time frozen forever and that I got to be present for it.

  • Lifestyle Newborn Session- Jace

    At Home Newborn Session: Lifestyle 02 :: 16 :: 2017 It is only right that I get to also post this family's lifestyle newborn session along with their maternity, birth and fresh 48 segments! The previously mentioned sessions can be found below. It's really amazing to be able to document so closely the stages of pregnancy and the motions of bringing home your sweet baby. Here is the next installment of visual documentation of Jace's story.