A Birth Story: Zayden

    Birth Story

    03 :: 26 :: 2018

    Althought I am blogging today, this beautiful birth story happened on the night of November 30, 2017. When meeting with this couple I could tell that they were connected, incredibly excited about the arrival of their son and were very much wanting full documentation of his arrival as well as his siblings meeting him for the very first time! We planned and discussed so much to make this birth story as perfect as possible. Even with birth being so unpredictable, so much can be planned during prenatal appointments with an experienced birth photographer and a prepared birth plan.

    I decided I really wanted the mama's perspective to be the written story and let the photographs tell my version. After all, this is HER birth story! So here is Michaila's story of Zayden's birth:

    "The day started off early, 5 am came fast. Ted and I woke up took a shower then went out to breakfast for the last time being pregnant. We talked about being nervous for what the day was going to bring us. We knew in just a few hours we'd be welcoming our new baby boy into the world. We got to West Valley Medical Center at 7am we talked with the staff about my birth plan which was basically just to go natural without pain medication. I wanted nothing more then a happy healthy baby and a natural child birth. It was a goal of mine.

    After telling my nurses what I was wanting they broke my water to begin induction and had me bounce on the ball for awhile. Then contractions started rolling in. The contractions weren't progressing close enough together so we started an IV with Pitocin. At that point it was early afternoon and I was bed ridden for hours unless I needed to pee. The nurses kept saying that is was very hard for a women to have a natural child birth while getting pitocin. They said it would be too painful but I knew I could do it. My family was there cheering me on along with my amazing husband and my wonderful birth photographer."

    I arrived at 6:10pm once contractions seemed to be getting more intense and regular.

    Couple embrace and support each other during their labor- captured by Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    Boise Birth Photographer

    "The contractions got stronger and I honestly didn't have faith left in myself. I felt like I NEEDED the epidural but Brandy (photographer) and Ted (husband) cheered me on through each contraction."

    Boise Birth Photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    Nurses checked her again due to the intensity of the contractions and them getting much more rythmic. No progression. We got her out of the bed as soon as she was up for it.

    Birth Photographer in Boise Idaho

    "Brandy was writing down each time I progressed because at that time I had been stuck at a 6 for hours so after I finally got passed that she wrote down my dilation to keep me motivated. I had gotten to 7cm and then I finally made it to an 8! I made it too the stage where I could no longer get the epidural which was a huge goal of mine at that point I knew I was making it natural. I was walking up and down the halls trying to get to a 10 fast."

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography is an experienced birth photographer and doula

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography documenting a birth at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell Idaho.

    Boise Birth Doula and Photographer

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography photographs the labor and delivery of a strong mom to be.

    Boise Birth Photographer for West Valley Medical Center

    At this point, I started hearing the sounds of a mother entering transition. Baby was close.

    "The pain had me winded and I had to lay down and call my doctor. The contractions were so unbearable at this point I started feeling the urge I had to push. She came in and had everyone prepare for the delivery. My doctor was begging for me not to push as I was only an 8 and still had cervix left. At one point I opened my eyes to the staff and EVERYONE was up against the wall. No one was at my bed side but my husband who didn't let go of my hand. We waited a few more contractions. I started pushing but didn't want to open my legs, at that point the attending doctor wanted them open and was trying to open them but I was persist I didn't want them open. She ended up spreading them and I ended up slapping the attending doctor away. I pushed a couple more times and his head was out! They started telling me not to push because his cord was wrapped around his neck three times and they needed to make sure it was loose enough for me to push. I finally gave it another push and he was out! Perfect as he could be."

    West Valley Medical Center Birth PhotographerThe moment of birth when baby arrives on moms chest after a hard labor- beautiful!Moment of birth- the seconds right after birth when mom greets baby with a smile!Dad crying at the birth of his child, such an emotional moment!Dad's emotional reaction to his third baby being born captured by Boise's Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    "It was like all the pressure was gone, all the pain was gone and I could finally breath again! They placed this tiny beautiful baby boy on my chest and the first things I could say was "HES PEEING GUYS" hahaha he was perfect! He had already made his mark on me and he stole my heart!

    I finally had my natural birth! I had the best team to cheer me on! My husband, mother, grandmother and my photographer. I knew I had it in me and so did they! My baby boy that was told would never make it due to early pregancy concerns and bed rest made it to 39 weeks and came out a healthy little boy! My miracle baby was born ❤️ 7lbs 9ounces."

    Mom sees newborn baby for first time captured by Boise birth photographer

    Dad's emotional reaction to his baby being born- tears of joy. Huckleberry Cloud Photography.Dad seeing his newborn baby for the first time- birth photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography from Boise.Newborn baby holding hands with dad's finger.Birth Photographer and Doula located in Boise Idaho.

    I told her during her labor and immediately after that I was so extremely proud of her. She DID it guys! She wanted to birth a certain way and through support and encouragement from her tribe she celebrated the brith expereince she so badly craved.

    Meet the Big Siblings

    The next morning I headed back to West Valley Medical Center to visit again for a Fresh 48 session. A main goal of hers when hiring me was that she wanted to capture the first moment her son and daughter met their new baby brother, Zayden. The two kiddos were super excited to get into the room. They instantly went up to baby and wanted to hold him. At 14 hours new he was so quiet and content, you could tell he knew he was just so adored by his entire family.

    Siblings meeting their new brother for the first time.Siblings meeting their new baby brother for the first time during a fresh 48 session with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyNew family of 5 at West Valley Medical Center near Boise during Fresh 48 session.Brother and sister holding their new baby brother with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyFresh 48 session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    Thank you so much for reading and taking a look at this beauitiful birth story! As with all birth stories I tell, it is impossible to forget this one. To see a women so determined and full of her own confidence despite all the challenges and stalls fulfill her dream of having the birth she invisioned was really the most beautiful thing to witness. We are strong and capable of so much. This is one of the many reasons birth photography and doula work is so important to me, birth stays with you long after your baby arrives and how you felt in that moment matters. Through professional documentation, one will never forget the unforgetable!




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