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    Welcome to the Client Closet!

    Below is a list of all available dresses and outfits currently in Huckleberry Cloud Photography's "closet". With each image there is a description to give you all the information you need on color and fit! Refer to any emails or messages to get the latest on if any new gowns that haven't been added to the visual closet just yet- I'm always gathering new trending items!

    For each maternity session there is an option to include a maternity gown portrait segment to your gallery. This is best done right at sunset and can inlude 1-3 maternity gowns of your choice. Slips and prop shorts are available. Please contact me if you have any questions, I'm here to help!

    Many dresses can also be used for family, newborn or motherhood sessions and I'm happy to provide the dress for your session. Many are breastfeeding friendly as well.

    Sizing range from XS-XL but many are OS. Sizing is best measured by rib size (bra band) but keep in mind most are stretchy so there is some room to size up or down in some gowns. The measurements are based on actual inches so may vary a tiny bit from bra band sizes. Please reach out if you want more information on a specific dress's measurements.

    XS=32, S=34, M=36, L=38/40, XL=42


    Gown 1- This gorgeous white dress is tag size L and best fits M-L. It is floor length for most with a low v neck, flattering sleeves and flowy skirt. Perfect for maternity, motherhood or family dress.

    Boise Idaho Maternity Photographer


    Gown 2: Long flowy white boho dress with long flutter lace sleeves. Best fits M-XL.

    Maternity Photographer near Boise Idaho


    Gown 3: Slate Blue Dress great for maternity or a family session. Tag label is size large and will fit M-L.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography Maternity Session In Boise Idaho


    Gown 4: This rust toned gown is flowy and ankle length for most. The band is very strechy and arms are flowy. Can be worn off shoulder or higher. This dress fits S-L.

    Boise Idaho Maternity and Family Photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 5: Wine red floor length, full coverage lace gown with lace sleeves. This gown fits M-L and offers a nice stretch.

    Snowy Mountain Maternity Session In Boise Idaho by Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 6: Evergreen gown with full lining and lace belle sleeves. Fits M-XL.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography Maternity Photographer in Boise Idaho


    Gown 7: This dark olive green gown works great for family, motherhood or maternity. It is ankle length, has a waist tie and fully functional buttons as to have it open more or be fully closed. This gown will fit just about any size S-XL.

    Maternity and Family Photographer in Boise Idaho


    Gown 8: Mauve pink maxi gown with option of open or closed front and extra long length. Fits S-XL.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography- Boise maternity photographer


    Gown 9: Vintage lace reclamation gown that is long and flowy with a open back. Slip provided. Due to the nature of this delicate gown some limitations may apply. One Size and best fits S-XL.

    Maternity session in Boise Idaho with pregnant mother in a reclamation gown - Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 10: Royal Navy shoulderless knit gown with sweetheart neckline and long flowy train. This gown fits L-XL.

    Boise area maternity photographer gown option with Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 11: This forest green is gorgeous! The ruffle top and mermaid style fit is super flattering. The exagerated flare creates a unique and eye catching look. This gown fits best fits a S-M. 

    Boise maternity photographer withth maternity  gowns. Huckleberry Cloud Photography at Cabalo's Orchard.


    Gown 12: This jade gown is perfect for all seasons! Best fits M-XL.

    Boise Maternity Photographers- Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 13: This golden mustard gown has a flattering ruffle top with a slightly fitted body and is extra long to be completely floor length. This gown best fits S-M.

    Maternity session with gold mustard gown at an apple orchard. Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 14: This gown is gorgeous and comes in three colors- white, black and wine (red). This gown is floor length with a low cut v-neck. All fit XS-S and do not offer stretch. These are able to be used in water or milkbath easily!

    Lace maternity gown for huckleberry cloud photogrpahy's maternity session in BoiseBlack Lace maternity gown used on a photosession in Boise Red maternity Gown used in Huckleberry Cloud Photography's model maternity session


    Gown 15: This fully lined, white lace gown is a favorite for sure! It is an extra long length with a sweetheart halter and lace drop sleeves. This gown best fits S-L.

    Maternity Gown Photo Session in Boise Idaho


    Gown 16: For those interested in a fun but more casual look this sage gown is for you! This gown is backless and provides lots of stretch and adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect fit. It is long and flowy from the waist down. Best fits S-M.

    Apple Orchard Maternity Session in Kuna/Boise Idaho with Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 17: This deep plum purple gown is great all year round. This gown features long sleeves, sweetheart halter, form fitting stretch and has a mermaid extended train. This is a favorite in winter. This best fits S-L.

    Boise Maternity Photographer


    Gown 18: This fully lined burgundy lace mermaid gown is stunning with drop sleeves and full lace flare. This best fits S-M.

    Red maternity gown in a Boise feild taken by maternity photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 19: This is a cotton-lace white floor length gown with a v-neck line. It best fits XS-M.


    Gown 20: This gold gown is perfect for summer and fall! It is long and pleated with a flattering fitted low drop sleeve. This gown best fits S-M.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography maternity photo session on the Boise River with a gold maternity gown


    Gown 21: This is a lovely velvet gold robe gown with fringe on the open flowy sleeves. This gown will fit all sizes but is best for M-XL. The front is open but has enough fabric to hold itself closed as shown.

    Gold Velvet Maternity Gown- Huckleberry Cloud Photography


    Gown 22: This gown is a dark forest green with a shoulderless scoop neck lining, long sleeves and straight floor length drop. This gown best fits XS-S.

    Maternity gown mountain snow session in Boise


    Gown 23: This black gown with a floral design has a popular flattering ruffle top with a slightly fitted body and is extra long to be completely floor length with a subtle train.. This gown best fits XS-M.

    Beautiful Mountain Sunset Maternity Photosession



    Below are other images from these gowns! Please let me know which gowns you would like to incorportate in your session and feel free to ask for any advice based on location, color and season!

    It is unlawful to download or alter any image posted in this blog or website with out permission. Enjoy!

    Boise Maternity Photographer Milk Bath Session Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    Beautiful Mountain Maternity Session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in Boise Idaho.Mountain Canyon Maternity Session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in Boise Idaho

    Maternity session with scenic overlook by Boise maternity photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography




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